Here's How You Can Save a Further $100 off Your  Yearly Pilates Classes
PLUS 2 Weeks of Pilates Classes worth $26 for FREE 
AND 1 Coaching Call worth $60 For FREE... 
That's a Saving of... $186!!

Here's Whats Included:

  • 50 Online Pilates Classes Across 5 Different Series Available Anytime: Each week you'll have access to a new 60 minute Pilates video to complete at your convenience, so you can start to see consistent gains across the year.  Follow the series through starting with Series One & Two, then with a sound foundation of technique and strength to work from, you can choose to add in one of the small equipment series' choosing from the Theraband or Small Ball Series OR continue with further Matwork class Series Three, Four or Five if you prefer.  Or if you're already familiar with Pilates and prefer to vary things up you can choose to mix and match your classes or series throughout the week or year.
  • 2 Bonus Weeks Free Online Pilates Classes of Your Choice:  So you can have the flexibility to choose when you want to have your 2 weeks off, at no extra cost to you.  Or take the opportunity to extend any of your "favourites" from the 5 Series' over the annual membership duration by an extra week or two, or just to catch up on any series if you've got a bit behind.
  • 1 Free Online 30 min Coaching Call Anytime Within your Membership: Take advantage of this great value offer normally worth $60 to identify and set goals, tailor any exercises to your individual needs, check your technique and evaluate your progress throughout the year so you can have the support you need and be reassured that you're on track to achieving the results you want to see.
Annual Membership For Just $550!
Welcome to HTPilatesPlus Annual Membership! 
The journey that you and I are going to take over the next 12 months will be life-changing for your health and wellness, and I can say that with full confidence, because of the testimonies of those who have gone before you, and because the classes and coaching you will receive, have already changed mine, and I won't ever stop doing Pilates now!

You'll learn how to find and correctly activate the deep muscles of your abdominals and back, or pelvic floor, safely building your core strength through a wide range of new exercises each series so you can have the stability and knowledge you need for your daily tasks in family or home life, work or play (giving you that competitive edge you need on those hill climbs, in the water, or on the field) and keeping you injury free.  
You'll receive a wide range of exercises across the year which target all over body strengthening and toningequip you with good technique for everyday tasks such as bending and lifting, correct your posture to undo those long hours sitting at desks or driving, and the inevitable age related decline!  
Regular stretching for your flexibility, and a diverse range of exercises for your balance and coordination across the series' will keep you constantly challenged to make the improvements you need to see to keep you safe and injury free.

Because regularity and longevity are key to achieving and maintaining the progress and positive changes in your body that you want to see as you age, a Pilates annual membership is the ideal solution to reinforce that long term lifestyle change that you need to ensure Pilates is more than just a great season for your body!!

And when it comes to your health & wellness...

If you have an opportunity to get the same product or service you’re already using at a lower cost, And with additional benefits thrown in for free, then you should absolutely say yes to that offer!! 

For example, 5 series at $130 has an annual cost of $650, which is already a bargain...

But if you were given an opportunity to pre-pay for an entire year of Pilates for just $550 saving you a further $100 in the process, Plus given the opportunity to extend any series of your choice over the year by 2 weeks for FREE (saving you a further $26), and giving you the confidence to know you have some extra leeway up your sleeve!

That's already a saving of $126. 

But I’d like to save you even more…

The bottom line is that if you’re going to get the best value from this program and have your encouraging testimonials to share, which is what I want for you also, you need the input and feedback of a coach to guide you along the way, and if you're to maintain those gains you need that accountability and support across the entire year.

So right now I'm giving you the additional opportunity for 1 free 30min coaching call, (Valued at $60) at any time across the year to re-evaluate and check your progress, thrown in for FREE... 

That's just $550 in total for a package valued at $736.
That's 25% discount off the normal price, which is a savings to you of $186.  You won't be billed again and you still have the next 14 days to make sure HTPilatesPlus exceeds your expectations on your risk free trial.

To take advantage of this offer and save yourself some money today, just click the button below and you’ll be billed immediately for $550, and that’s it. You’re officially on this adventure with me for a full year!

If you want to stick to the single series payment or coaching package, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that as well. You can hit the "no thank you" link, and I’ll see you on the next page.

Either way, I’m glad you’re here, and excited for the journey ahead, so let’s get started…


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