Give Your Loved One the Gift of Pilates This Christmas..... Because Santa LOVES Pilates Too!

20% Off All Online Pilates Classes!

If you know someone who is struggling with their core strength, has arthritis, poor posture, back pain or who is pregnant or postpartum 
and would benefit from the life changing stability and strength that Pilates provides...
OR who would just appreciate the opportunity to try something new 
to better their health and wellness... 
then give your loved one the gift of Pilates this Christmas!

OR if you know it's YOU that needs this gift, then jump straight to Series One... and give your loved ones the best gift of all... 
a strong, healthy and confident YOU!!

Available in e-voucher for all online programs
See Christmas prices Here
Contact Hollie for your gift voucher today or 0221944265 
 "Hollies background in Physiotherapy gives her an excellent understanding of the human body. This is evident in her classes when she is giving instructions. I highly recommend Hollie as a Pilates instructor." - Hayley
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