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5 mins a Day.... 5 Day Pilates Challenge!
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The Five Day Pilates Challenge
Hi, my name's Hollie Turner, I'm a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor for HTPilatesPlus and i'll be walking you through the next five days of the challenge! 

We'll be focusing on the 5 major muscle groups targeted by Pilates so that in just 5 mins a day you can find all the key areas your body needs to strengthen and tone, prevent poor posture, rehabilitate from or prevent injuries and reactivate those long forgotten muscles of the deep core and back!

Without these major muscle groups firing effectively your body is more prone to injury or strain and isn't able to function at its optimum to keep you healthy and strong.

With regular Pilates exercise these muscles will start to fire more efficiently and automatically to protect you and your body whilst you work and play!

Day One

We're kickstarting the challenge by working into that all important area of your glutes with our bridge exercises to strengthen and tone your butt!

Day Three

Abdominals and Deep Core
Hump day, half way through the challenge!  We'll be activating that long lost core and working into the abdominals!

Day Five

Neck and Shoulders
For the final day of the challenge we're focusing on the postural muscles of the neck and shoulders to keep those headaches and rounded shoulders at bay!

Day Two

Inner & Outer Thigh
We're working into that often problem area of the inner and outer thighs to strengthen and tone and ensure the correct alignment for your lower limbs as you work and play!

Day Four

Back and Deep Core
We'll be focusing on the muscles of your back and deep core which go hand in hand and are always a key player in driving both men and women to Pilates!
  • Just 5 minutes a day for 5 days! 
If you've never done Pilates before, this Challenge is a great way to get started! 
If you're returning to Pilates after a break, a great way to kickstart your goals again!

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