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You'll Have Exclusive Access for 7 Days to all Series in the HTPilatesPlus Members Area... Normally Only Available Via the Annual Membership Package!

  •  50 Matwork Weekly Classes
  • ​20 Small Equipment Weekly Classes
  • Classes from 7 Different Pilates 10 Week Series
  • ​NB:  If you require Prenatal Trimester 2 or 3 please email holliephysio@gmail.com for access
You'll have unlimited access 24 hours a day for 7 days so you can complete as many workouts as you choose over the week at your own pace and at your convenience.
Each workout has level 1 or 2 options to cater from a beginner to more advanced so you can tailor the exercises to your current strength and stability.
The 60 minute videos are broken down into segments by muscle groups and have handy chapter markers so you can go straight to the section you want or do as much or as little, as often, as you prefer!

Towards the end of your 7 day free trial you'll receive a reminder email with the option to continue your HTPilatesPlus membership via your chosen subscription payment for Series One or to cancel if you no longer wish to be a member of the HTPilatesPlus community.
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$28 every 2 weeks
$125 every 10 weeks
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You'll receive a reminder email on day 5 of your free trial with the option either to cancel your HTPilatesPlus membership by simply replying to the email or to continue your membership with your first subscription payment taken at the end of the 7 days in accordance with our terms.

NB:  If you prefer to pay directly please email holliephysio@gmail.com for your membership links to start your free trial or contact Hollie on 0221944265 if you have any concerns or queries :)

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