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My name's Hollie Turner, I'm a Physiotherapist of 20+ years experience, after graduating top student from Otago University in 1999, with a Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy with Distinction.  
I have worked in multiple acute and rehabilitation settings both nationally and internationally. 
This broad range of experience working with clients over the years together with my own personal journal of rehabilitation from a cyclist (v car) injury has cumulated in my being totally convinced that the elements Pilates contains are absolutely vital in optimising performance and everyday function and that the role of Pilates in injury prevention and rehabilitation simply can't be gained from other types of exercise.
The unique role of Pilates in strengthening the core with key areas such as the back, deep abdominals, glutes and pelvic floor in men and women and in providing muscle balance through stretching & lengthening to aid posture & alignment is something you simply can't afford to ignore!

Since returning to NZ I have trained with both DMA (Dance Medicine Australia) Clinical Pilates and with APPI (Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute) for Matwork classes, Neurology & Pilates, Pre and Post Natal training & Reformer.  I have been instructing Pilates classes across NZ & consulting privately for the past 10 years.

1:1 Pilates Initial Assessment or follow up coaching call
If You Answer YES to Any of the Following:
-  I'm new to Pilates 
-  I would like some extra support and                   reassurance for the journey ahead
-  I have some concerns re injuries or areas         of weakness I want to specifically address 
- I'm post surgery and need to rebuild my strength and stability
-  I may need modifications to some of the        exercises due to pain or discomfort in              certain joints or positions
-  I want a program tailored more                           specifically to me and my body
 I'm Here to Help....  
Book your assessment today 
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$100  for 60 min Initial Assessment or Follow up Appointment
$60 for 30 min Follow up Appointment
Coaching & Series One Package Deal
If you'd like the added support of an Initial Pilates Assessment:
- To discuss & set goals with you for the series
- Identify key areas of weakness or tightness so that you can target improvements
- Make any modifications to exercises or positions due to injuries or joint pain so you can get the most out of the series
- Provide education and instruction in key areas such as Back Care or Pelvic Health
 If you prefer a Coaching Call Anytime Within the Series:
- To check your progress during the series
- Review your technique to ensure you're doing the exercises correctly
- Answer any other concerns along the way
  Make the Most of This Great Value Package Deal Now, Valued at $230, with 10% Off Your First Pilates Series...
Just $217 for 10 Week Online Series PLUS 60 min Online Coaching Call
I am a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist credentialed by Dr Melissa Davidson (Specialist Physiotherapist in Pelvic Health NZ) and a member of the Women's and Men's Pelvic Health Special Interest group through Physiotherapy New Zealand.
I work with men and women of all ages and life stages, bringing my wide range of knowledge and expertise combined with my passion for Pilates to help YOU achieve your wellness goals. :)
Ante & Post Natal Coaching
If you're pregnant or postpartum its important that exercises are tailored to your specific needs on your ante or post natal journey.
15min Free Health Check 
If you're uncertain where to start book your free 15min Pilates Health Check so you can identify what your body needs and how Pilates can help you!
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