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Discover the 5 Reasons Your Body Needs Pilates Now!
"I have always regarded Pilates as a form of exercise beneficial to ones flexibility and core strength but receiving this information has really opened my mind to the much wider reaching benefits of Pilates to impact on every part of our physical well being, building our body strength and enhancing our ability to move freely both now and in the future..."   - Lynley
7mins Abs Workout
Join me for this short workout to strengthen and tone your abdominals and with level 1 or 2 options to cater from beginners to more advanced.
5 mins a day 5 Day Challenge
If you've never done Pilates before or not even sure what it is... this challenge is a great place to start!  
Or if you're returning to Pilates this is a great way to work your muscles back in again and let your body remind you why you loved it in the first place!
As Featured in The Natural Parenting Magazine
"Hollie is so thorough with her instructions, making it easier to learn new Pilates moves.  I am finding that Pilates is really helping with my lower back. I have almost fully recovered now and it is not causing me the issues that it was previously. I really appreciate having the back exercises that you provide us with to follow! " - Anna M
 "Hollies background in Physiotherapy gives her an excellent understanding of the human body. This is evident in her classes when she is giving instructions. I highly recommend Hollie as a Pilates instructor" - Hayley
"Awesome instructor :-) Great class, Great results"  - Belinda
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