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Exercise During Pregnancy

 Unless advised otherwise by your midwife or obstetrician women are encouraged to exercise throughout their pregnancy for at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every week.  
Pilates is an ideal low impact and safe form of exercise to build strength and endurance in the muscles where you need it most during your pregnancy. 

There are many great benefits of exercise in pregnancy including:
- Improved heart & lung function
- Decreased risk of gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia or high blood pressure
- Maintaining healthy weight gain throughout your pregnancy and muscle to fat ratios
- Improved mental health and wellbeing for mother and baby, decreasing incidences of pre-birth and postpartum depression 
- Improved strength, balance and alignment to counteract the changing forces on your body
- Decreased low back and pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain
-  Shorter, easier and less complicated labour and faster post partum recovery

There are a number of absolute contraindications to exercise in pregnancy, and High Risk pregnancies will need to be monitored closely.

There are guidelines about what is safe and unsafe during pregnancy but every women's body is different, and no two pregnancies are the same, therefore treatment and advice must be tailored to you as an individual and taking into account your level of fitness or activity prior to pregnancy.

Exercise during pregnancy will help not only with growing and carrying your baby well, but in preparing your body for labour which puts an enormous amount of strain on your body and pelvic floor and can leave some women with dysfunction.  
Exercise throughout your pregnancy also prepares your body for the increased challenges it will face in the post natal period moving and carrying not only your newborn baby around but all the associated accessories that go with a newborn baby too!

If you would like some advice about exercise in pregnancy, book your appointment today so you can have the confidence to stay strong and active for the 9 month journey ahead and beyond!
I am certified in Ante & Post Natal Pilates and a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist credentialed by Dr Melissa Davidson (Specialist Physiotherapist in Pelvic Health NZ) and a member of the Women's and Men's Pelvic Health Special Interest group through Physiotherapy New Zealand.

My broad range of experience working with clients over the years together with my own personal journal of rehabilitation from a cyclist (v car) injury and my own journey through pregnancy has cumulated in my being totally convinced that the elements of strength and stability that Pilates contains are absolutely vital in optimising performance in all areas of your life and everyday activities.  
In my experience the role Pilates has in injury prevention, pain management and rehabilitation simply can't be gained from other forms of exercise.

The unique role of Pilates in strengthening the core with key areas such as the back, deep abdominals, glutes, hips and pelvic floor in women and in providing muscle balance through stretching & lengthening to aid posture & alignment is something every woman simply can't afford to ignore!  

Having continued Pilates throughout all 3 trimesters of my own pregnancy journey, and carrying my first child on the wrong side of 40, without back or pelvic pain I can wholeheartedly recommend Ante Natal Pilates to other women who want to be empowered to stay active, strong and stable throughout their pregnancy so you can do all the things you want and need to be able to do for yourself and your loved ones during this important 9 months of your life.

I'd love to work with you bringing my wide range of knowledge and expertise combined with my passion for Pilates to help YOU achieve your wellness goals during this special time. :)
Ante & Post Natal
1:1 Pilates Initial Assessment or Follow Up Coaching Call
If You Answer YES to Any of the Following:
I'm new to Pilates but really want to get strong and stable to carry my baby well or to recover well post partum 
I would like some extra support and reassurance and to feel confident in my technique for the pre or post natal journey ahead
I have some concerns re injuries or weaker areas I want to specifically address to help me carry my baby well , to repair postpartum or to prepare my body for pregnancy again
I may need modifications to some of the exercises due to pain or discomfort in              certain joints or positions
I want a program tailored more                           specifically to me and what my body needs during this time

 Then I'm Here to Help....  
Book your assessment today 
or contact me on 
$100  for 60 min Initial Assessment or Follow up Appointment
$60 for 30 min Follow up Appointment
Coaching &  Ante Natal Pilates Series Package Deal
If you'd like the added support of an Initial Pilates Assessment:
- To discuss & set goals for your pregnancy  ante natal journey with you 
- Identify any key areas of pre-existing weakness or tightness which may go on to become problematic during your pregnancy to keep those bump related aches and pains at bay and so that you can target improvements across the series
- Make any modifications to exercises or positions due to injuries or joint pain during your pregnancy so you can get the most out of each series and tailor exercises to the specific needs of you and your baby
- Provide education and instruction on the care of key 'at risk' areas throughout your pregnancy and post partum journey such as your Back, Abdominal Wall, Pelvis & Pelvic Floor as well as the posture of your Upper Back and Shoulders

 If you prefer a Coaching Call Anytime Within the Series:

- To check your progress with your goals throughout the series
- Review your technique to ensure you're doing the exercises correctly
- Address any new areas of pain or discomfort as your baby bump grows 
- To modify or tailor exercises more specifically to you and your changing body needs throughout your pregnancy

  Make the Most of These Great Value Package Deals Now, Valued at $250 for Trimester Two or $230 for Trimester Three, with 10% Off Your Ante Natal Pilates Series...
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Ante Natal Classes Online
Join me on my ante natal journey for 
2x30-35 min classes each week throughout Trimester 2 & 3 so you can:
- build strength and endurance in the key muscle groups of your abdominals, back, glutes, hips and that all important pelvic floor so you can carry the increasing weight of your baby well and prevent leaking or prolapse as your baby grows
- help to prevent common pregnancy postural complaints, instability, stresses and strains in the back, neck, hips and pelvis  
- strengthen the neck and shoulders to combat the increasing weight of new breast tissue being laid down, the strain of carrying other toddlers and poor postures from the day
- keep your legs strong and well balanced so you can labour well, prevent unwanted injuries along the way with your constantly changing centre of gravity as your bump grows, and help to keep any unwanted swelling in your legs at bay.  
And build the strength you will need for lifting your little one, or other toddlers, on and off the floor once they arrive, particularly whilst your core is still weak!
- learn to breathe well, and connect with your body, your baby and your pelvic floor so you can remain strong but also learn to lengthen and release the muscles of your pelvis as you progress into your final trimester and prepare for the arrival of your little one

Taking just a little time each week for yourself and your baby to experience the whole body benefits of Pilates for your body, mind and soul is something your body, your baby and your family will thank you for!
Join Now for just $150 for 15 Weeks of Online Ante Natal Classes (that's only $10 per week) Including 2x35min New Videos Each Week Throughout Trimester Two 
 $130 for 13 Weeks  of Online Ante Natal Classes (at only $10 per week) Including 2x 30-35min New Videos Each Week Throughout Trimester Three 
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Post Natal Classes Online

The post partum journey is such an important time for you as a mother whether this is your first or subsequent baby or even if you are many years down the track... "Once Postpartum, Always Postpartum" is very true where your body is concerned!
Taking the time to rebuild and strengthen your body so that you don't have to continue to put up with leaking, pelvic pain, painful intercourse, abdominal separation or prolapse longterm is an investment you won't regret.

If you've had your 6 week review with your GP or midwife and been cleared for exercise then this is an ideal time to start to strengthen and tone your body and your core again and Pilates led by a Physiotherapist is an ideal low impact and safe way to do this, particularly if your goal is to return to more high intensity activities post partum.

A Post Natal WOF is the best place to start to assess your body post partum and your ability to reconnect with your breathing, your pelvic floor and your abdominals, which have all undergone significant change over the past year.  
 Addressing any ongoing Pelvic Girdle Pain or Instability from your pregnancy or Scar Tissue Management following Vaginal Birth or Caesarean Section is essential to restore your body to pain free function postpartum so you can enjoy your time with your baby and your family and get on with busy Mum life.

Start your Post Natal Journey to Recovery Today by Booking your Post Natal WOF below
The level 1 options in our matwork classes are geared towards a gentle post partum return to Pilates and Series One is a great place to start.
Check out our Online Classes or Coaching Package Deal for Series One below.
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