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How Can I Help You?
Hi my name's Hollie Turner, I'm a  Physiotherapist of 20+ years experience working in multiple rehabilitation settings both nationally and internationally and have been instructing Pilates classes and coaching privately for the past 10 years 
I help all women (and some men)  to grow in strength and confidence in their own bodies, through Pilates, so they can be equipped for busy lives to do the things they NEED and LOVE to do!
My focus is on strengthening the muscles of the core and to help people who are suffering from low back pain, recurrent injuries or other stability related concerns, particularly postpartum.
Pilates Classes

Thurs 6.15pm
Mums & Tots Tues 1030 

Kaka Point 
Mon 6pm

Thurs 0845 
(Child Friendly)

Antenatal Modifications 
Available in All Classes

Online Group Gathering
Thurs 6pm

Online Group Gathering
Thurs 9am 

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Online Classes

Matwork Series & Small Equipment Online Now!

Join me for a 10 week series so you can strengthen the key muscle groups of your deep core, back and pelvic floor, the problem areas of your glutes and outer thighs, correct poor posture, gain flexibility and improve your balance and coordination... AND all in a low impact environment that's friendly to your joints!
HTPilatesPlus is a Physiotherapy led Pilates business with the goal of bringing Pilates classes to you wherever you are and whatever the time!
I understand that time is precious and life, work and family are a balancing act that at times need to be juggled with flexibility but i also realise the importance of taking that time out of your day to reconnect with your body, to strengthen and tone, breathe deeply and have the endurance that you need for busy lives.
So if you struggle to get to a class, live remotely or just need flexible hours in this season of your life...  Pilates Plus online is for you!

HTPilatesPlus focuses on strengthening the core muscles of the abdominals & back, the postural muscles of the neck and shoulders, the stabilising muscles  of the inner and outer thigh and on correct activation of the deep core and important pelvic floor region. All classes include elements of flexibility, co-ordination and balance and are designed so that you can rebuild strength and stability in any areas of weakness and remain injury free both now and for the future.  

I am a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist credentialed by Dr Melissa Davidson (Specialist Physiotherapist in Pelvic Health NZ) and a member of the Women's and Men's Pelvic Health Special Interest group through Physiotherapy New Zealand.  I am also certified in Ante and Post natal Pilates.

Online Coaching

If you're unsure where to begin with Pilates and would like that 1:1 support to help you get started, if you have injuries that limit your ability to exercise or may require exercise modification, or just want feedback to check your progress or technique along the way...
I'm here to help and to support you
on your journey.
Check out our Great Value Coaching Packages below or Contact Hollie
15min Free Pilates Health Check Call

If you're unsure where to start book your free 15min Pilates Health Check so you can identify what your body needs and how Pilates can help you!

"Well, I made it through series 1, and did manage to do each class so I’m pleased about that! The online classes work really well and are really easy to follow.  It was sometimes tough to make sure I did each class, especially through the very hot days of summer, but I think for me having the motivation of knowing the course had a time limit meant I made sure I got through each week’s session at some point.  
Thanks again for making this amazing resource available online – with a rotating shift pattern it is great for me to be able to do a class when I have days off." - Alison 
"I am really enjoying going along to Mums and Tots Pilates every week. It gives me a specific time to do some structured exercise that I know is safe for me postpartum in a supportive environment with other mums. 
I enjoy the casual approach, with mums ducking out when they need to for feeding/nappy changes etc. 
Hollie is great at telling us the different options for exercises based on our strength and also suggesting ways to involve our babies too."  -  Christine
"Cant believe its been 10 weeks since my consult with you.
Its been 6 weeks that I haven't had to use the strong anti inflammatory for pain control, and on average I would only probably use pain relief 4-5 days a week which is massive and I give all the credit to Pilates .
It occurred to me yesterday as I prepared a meal for special friends ( I am a real foodie and love cooking for friends and family ) which is the first time in probably 12 months that I have felt motivated to entertain and had the energy.  So wahoo, its huge, and people that don't experience pain don't get it." 
-  Felicia
"Having never done anything like Pilates before I wasn’t sure what to expect but needed to do something to fix my diastasis recti (abdo separation) 5 months post pregnancy. I knew with Hollie’s physiotherapy background I could trust her advice and she is so friendly and approachable. I looked forward to the class every week and the different challenges added to each exercise and after 7 weeks my separation is gone! I would definitely recommend these classes and can’t wait to sign up for next term"  -   Jane
"Pilates Plus is amazing. Hollie is a fun, challenging instructor. Pilates has helped me immensely with some terrible back issues. I now no longer need any of the pain relief I used. All thanks to the core control and flexibility that Pilates Plus has taught me!!!" -  Shelley
"I so miss Pilates Plus, now it's no longer in Timaru. This is not just exercise, but exercise to get you ready for life! I really found it helpful strengthening my core and increasing my awareness of how to lift and move correctly. Hollie shows how to use muscle groups effectively and with a new routine each week there is no time for getting bored. When's the dvd coming out???"  -  Lynley Mac
"Hollie is so thorough with her instructions, making it easier to learn new Pilates moves.  I am finding that Pilates is really helping with my lower back. I have almost fully recovered now and it is not causing me the issues that it was previously. I really appreciate having the back exercises that you provide us with to follow! " - Anna M
"Hollie is an exceptional Pilates teacher and due to being a fully qualified Physiotherapist her knowledge of the body and the muscle groups are excellent. She has a sunny personality that is warm and engaging and makes all members feel welcome and supported. The class structure is designed in such a way to help develop core strength safely with great technique and with fabulous results. I rate her very highly! I love going to her class and feel great afterwards. I have definitely noticed my strength developing and have far less shoulder tension from learning to activate my core muscle groups. Go to her classes now! We are so lucky to have her in Rotorua. Bad luck Timaru!"    -  Anna B
" I’ve been going to Hollie Turner’s Pilates classes for the past six months. I’ve enjoyed the classes and found them beneficial to my flexibility and helping to strengthen my core. I recommend this for all men and women. I put it out as a challenge for all men to take Hollie’s classes and find the benefits of her classes"  - Doug
"Never thought of doing Pilates before and have only been doing it 10 weeks but wonder why I didn't take it up years ago. I struggled during my first session with my lack of flexibility, but honestly it's getting easier. It's going to help a whole lot when my squash club opens it's doors again and looking forward to taking points off my mates. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming weeks and next course"  - David
 "Hollies background in Physiotherapy gives her an excellent understanding of the human body. This is evident in her classes when she is giving instructions. I highly recommend Hollie as a Pilates instructor" - Hayley
"Hollie is a fantastic instructor who truly takes an interest in her clients and wants the best for them. 
I started Pilates in 2013 to build strength to support an old back injury and it’s worked! 
Pilates is a great all-body workout and even improves breathing and running ability.  
I was fortunate to attend Hollie’s classes for about 3years and have recently followed Series One online.  
Hollie provides clear, easy to follow instructions and adapts the exercises to suit your personal needs, the 10week blocks really show you how you’ve improved and the progressions mean you can make the exercises work for you and give your body the level of challenge you like.  Enjoy!"  - Sheryl
"I had a wow moment last week at Pilates. I can now sit on the floor with straight legs. I haven’t been able to do that for many years!   Thank you Hollie the bands certainly work.   It goes to show you are never too old to achieve new things regardless of how small"  - Robyn
"This has been the best year of Pilates I’ve ever experienced and I want to thank you for this. The professionalism, energy and enthusiasm you bring to each session is inspiring and encourages me to work harder. Having an online option is the icing on the cake!"  - Sharon
"After my first 10 week session of Pilates with Hollie, not only have I noticed a difference in my ability and flexibility, so has my Osteopath. With Pilates working my back and stretching/relaxing my neck/shoulders it is making a difference to my many injuries as well as my posture at my workplace being in an office. Being able to touch my toes and actually walk out is a huge improvement from hardly reaching my ankles! Looking forward to the next 10 week sessions :)"  - Sarah
"Thanks to HTPilatesPlus I have now been jogging for a month with no knee pain for the first time since 2020! The Online Theraband Series has hugely improved my stability and flexibility - you can do it when you want and as many times a week as you want.  Thanks Hollie!"  - Bridget
"Hollie is such a great teacher! When I moved away to a rural area I really missed going to her in-person classes. So I'm very happy to have access to Hollie's classes online - they're easy to follow and give a great workout. I do a lot of tramping, skiing and running, and HTPilatesPlus helps me balance that outdoor exercise with good flexibility, strength and core work. I just squeeze a few classes into my week around work, etc. Highly recommended! 😀"  - Megan
"Just to let you know that for five years I have suffered with a nasty sore area around my left gluteal area and spent $100's on massages, specialist appointments and taken high tariff pain relief regularly - since coming to your classes I believe my core has strengthened and my pain has almost subsided - thank you so much 😊" - Marie
"I have completed several of HTPilatesPlus series both at weekly classes and online.  One wonders at each part of the routine, how can this make a difference?  Carefully coordinated exercises followed by stretches are helping create better postural alignment and as a result I have a more flexible, stronger and better balanced body, and with it general well-being.  After four days of cutting up fallen trees after the recent windstorm I was still ready to go to my weekly Pilate’s class.  Twelve months ago in a more sedentary lifestyle I would have been recovering on the floor with a sore back!!  Weekly classes or online are a great way to start with clear easy to follow instructions with the latter in the privacy of your own home.  Lose yourself for an hour and with regular practice feel the benefits for a lifetime" - Tom
"I have been averaging 4 hrs a week and definitely feeling great with less pain in my hips and back, certainly notice how quickly I revert back to pain when I haven’t done my Pilates so thank you so much, am so glad I found your advertisement that day" - Felicia
"Awesome instructor :-) Great class, Great results"  - Belinda

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