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Matwork Series

Join me for a 10 week series so you can strengthen the key muscle groups of your deep core, back and pelvic floor, the problem areas of your glutes and outer thighs, correct poor posture, gain flexibility and improve your balance and coordination... AND all in a low impact environment that's friendly to your joints!
Level 1 or 2 options available for the exercises to cater from a beginner to more advanced.
Series One
Featuring abdominal hundreds & the bicycle, shoulder blade circles, tricep presses, superman back strengthening & our 2 by 4 balance challenge in standing....
Series Two
Featuring the abdominal roll down, flutter back workout, side plank trunk strengthening and Scooter for that coordination challenge in standing....
Series Three
Featuring single leg circles, pelvic drops, shifts & leg pullback glutes workout, abdominal crunches, chest press ups, the rising swan and cobra back workout...
Series Four
Featuring windmill arms, the pelvic smile, glutes cross, abdominal plank, 4pt kneeling challenge with the ball, side torpedo lifts & our aeroplane in standing...
Series Five
Featuring double leg circles, tabletop crunch, our hover and teaser core challenge, glutes slide and scoop, side squeeze, 4-shape, alligator snap & lunges in standing...

Equipment Series

Theraband Series
Use the resistance and added feedback of the band to strengthen and tone your abdominals, back, inner & outer thighs as we push and pull against the bands, correcting your posture with our shoulder blade rowing, toning your arms and finishing with our squats with the band to workout your legs....
Small Ball Series
Lengthen & stretch out tight muscles and joints and activate your core & back muscles as we push and pull against the balls resistance, toning up those inner thighs with our ball squeeze and finishing with some balance and eye hand coordination in standing....


Swiss Ball Series
This new series, originally designed for Prenatal Trimester 3, is now available to everyone by popular demand!
We use the added challenge of a moving ball to strengthen and tone your abdominals, back, inner & outer thighs as we sit, lie, bridge, crunch and squat with the ball, as well as correcting your posture and lengthening tight muscles as we use its mobility to stretch and release....

Shorter Workouts

Mountain Core
If you know your core is the area you need to focus on, then this 25min workout is for you...  Mountain core targets all 3 major abdominal groups from different angles and positions so you can flatten your stomach, strengthen and tone... and most importantly ensure that correct activation of your deep core via your pelvic floor.
Enjoy the challenge of our Mountain Core :)
Stretch By the Sea
Sometimes at the end of a long day, you don't have enough energy left to exercise, yet your body still needs to stretch out and release the stresses of the day.
Or maybe you train hard or are just notoriously tight and you know you need to stretch on a more regular basis.
Take this time (just 14mins) to lengthen out any tight muscles, move stiff joints, realign your posture, breathe deeply to the bottom of your lungs & reconnect with your body.
Enjoy the peaceful serenity of our Stretch by the Sea :)

Ante Natal Workouts

If You're Serious about Staying Strong and Stable Throughout Your Pregnancy and Carrying Your Baby Well using Your Natural Core Corset, alongside Strong Hips, Glutes and Legs, as Your Pregnancy Progresses....
If You Want to Have both the Strength and the Length in the Muscles You Need to Labour Well and Maximise the Ease of Your Post Natal Recovery....
If You Want to Prioritise Some Time Out For Yourself and Your Baby Each Week to Unwind, Refocus and Reconnect with Your Breathing, your Muscles and Your Constantly Changing Body as You Journey Through the Trimesters of Your Pregnancy...
Then these workouts are for you!!
Trimester II
Featuring exercises from Series One to Five and Small Equipment with Prenatal Modifications to keep you and your baby safe, strong and supported throughout your second trimester and to lay a strong foundation of strength in your core, upper and lower body so you can keep those pregnancy related aches and pains at bay as you move towards Trimester Three.
Trimester III
Featuring exercises from Series One to Five and Small Equipment with Prenatal Modifications on the Swiss Ball to maintain optimal pelvic mobility, stability and pelvic floor muscle engagement to reduce the strain on your back and joints in this final trimester.  Build strength in your glutes and legs to ensure your body is prepared well for labour and your postpartum recovery and in your upper body for carrying your baby and all that extra equipment around!

In Person Classes

If you live in Clutha or South Canterbury check out the options for in person classes or group gatherings here.
Or if you don't have Pilates in your area and want to gather a group, why not start one today!

Contact Hollie for details to help get your group underway at holliephysio@gmail.com or 0221944265
Kaka Point Pilates
Mon 6pm 
Balclutha Pilates 
Child Friendly Class
Tues 10.30am
@Balclutha Parents Centre
 Antenatal Pilates
Antenatal Modifications Available 
in all Classes

For details and registration contact Hollie
holliephysio@gmail.com or 0221944265
Balclutha Pilates
Thurs 6pm 
Owaka Pilates
Tues 6.15pm & 
Thurs 8.45am (Child Friendly Class)
Weekly group gatherings for Online Pilates  via the big screen!
If you know you lack the motivation, time or space to do Online Pilates yourself at home these gatherings are  just for you!

For details and registration contact Hollie
holliephysio@gmail.com or 0221944265

Annual Membership

Packed with Great Value Pilates Classes from 8 Different Series (SAVE $510), Plus 30mins of FREE Coaching all for Less than You would Pay For a Year of Pilates...
Find Out More

Coaching Packages

 If You'd Like the Added Support of An Initial Assessment to start Your Journey with Confidence, to Learn More about Your Core and Pelvic Floor OR a Review to Check Your Progress & Fine-tune Your Technique at Any Stage Throughout the Series... This Great Value Coaching Package with 10% off the 10 Week Series is for You!     

Gift Vouchers

If you know someone who is struggling with their core strength, has arthritis, poor posture, back pain or who is pregnant or postpartum and would benefit from the life changing stability and strength that Pilates provides... then give your loved one the gift of Pilates this birthday, Christmas, anniversary or other special occasion!

Pilates Retreats

From time to time HTPilatesPlus hosts wellness retreats.  To register your interest please contact me holliephysio@gmail.com
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